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mystic KOBE tor-road

As the candidate site of the construction, this building kept the previous brand image; dark and closed space covered with iron plate and with an entrance as only one opening window. The image requested by mystic was completely opposite, a bright, open and cozy shop. As I started with loading the old completion drawing, I found out that the window-like opening was hidden inside the long side wall. As calculating the structure of the second floor, it was opened as a new show window. Also, the stairs were changed into the one that you would like to go up by cutting the handrail of the heavy staircase of concrete to the point where it did not hurt the structure to be the cute handrail with opening instead. By designing it to open each closed part one by one, the comfortable shop in which customer could feel the sunshine from window, cozy breeze, season and time slowly was created.


「mystic KOBE tor-road」

Address:2-9-6, Sannomiyasho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Opening data:April, 2015
Floor area:Shop spaces on floor of 1, 2 have 62.8㎡ each (4 stories building)
Photo:Kozo Takayama

Mayumi Ehara
Born in Hyogo Prefecture.
Established design office CONSCIOUS in 2000.

SDA Japan Sign Design Award

In addition to apparel brands "Mystic", "kastane", and "DEICY", doing cafe brands design such as "Kagurazaka Saryo" tea house and "Cafe Fusion21" in 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
Besides interior design, designing a wide range of products from logos and packages to menus.