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Pure Pony deals in products with high-quality designs and textures from imported brands in addition to many hot domestic brands. In order to highlight the characteristics of each unique product merchandised in the shop, we removed any sort of “design” created by color and shape as much as possible, integrating the space with the beauty of light. In particular, the design takes advantage of the original space, which has a high ceiling of 4.2 meters, despite being located inside an underground shopping facility. The only colors used in the interior are white and black. We created a scene where high fashion products could shine — chic, minimal and mode. By adding a low-tone, warm light design to this cool and monotone space, we added a kindness to the stark and simple space, creating a comfortable, luxurious mood. Light pouring over the walls, light dripping down from the ceiling, light lapping across our feet from upper lights, downlights casting rhythmical light over the walls — all these expressions of light envelop the space and emphasize the rich textures of the materials.




Address: DIAMOR Osaka, Kita-ku, Osaka

Floor area:92.02㎡

Photo:SEIRYO STUDIO Seiryo Yamada

JA laboratory
Junichiro Azuma
April 1990 Started to work at Akamatsu Store Research Institute (current Geo Akamatsu)
September 1996 Started to work at Fresco
June 2005 Established JA laboratory