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A historical building “The former Fourth Division Command Building (Previous Osaka City Museum)” is located beside Osaka Castle. By combining the classicity of heavy buildings with the contemporary design, it was reborn as “THE LANDMARK SQUARE OSAKA” that entertains visitors as a restaurant, party place and wedding hall.

I planned art coordinations of each main room ranging from 2F to 3F. The drawing “RAKUCHU RAKUGAI ZU(Old city view)” by a contemporary artist featuring the cherry blossoms and Osaka castle is set in the 2nd floor VIP room. The mural paint capturing the scenery of the castle in the 2F and 3F banquets. The sculpture art of a tiger and a eagle by Ryo Mitsui is set in the 3rd floor bar. Two sheets of Japanese paper print work that gorgeously decorate the 3rd floor corridor walls are produced by Noda Print Studio. The graphic workl of dynamic and delicate depiction by SAL is in the restaurant.

These were all created by artists who are the mastes of the modern age, as “installation” that fuse the space with the contemporary interpretation of the Japanese-Western Eclectic and welcome customers.


Address:MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO (Previous Osaka City Museum), 1-1, Osakajo, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Open:Oct. 2017

Mayumi Matsubara
Born in Osaka. Established an interior coordination company IN CO., LTD in 1997. Since then, she has mainly worked on total coordination based on the concept of each space or project including commercial facilities, furniture of houses, decoration, and artwork.