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Maple street market

Thirty years ago, the shop was founded as a small coffee shop in this place of Kanazawa.
The taste of it had got good reputation and the business had been expanded with repeated additions. The concept story was made in response to the request that the shop image was becoming inconsistent with the trend and there was the demand of taking over to the next generation. In a certain place of the city, there is a busy street with rows of maple trees. At the place, shops such as cake shops, deli-cafe, green shops, book stores are standing side by side and people can find their favorite ways to spend time at anywhere while eating bread and deli, booking cakes and flowers for memorial day, enjoying barbecue with friends and so on. MAPLE STREET MARKET is a special place for all people who enjoy the excitement of “what shall we do today?” and cherish the anniversaries. There is my wish that the members of new generation are not just taking over Maple House but also going to make each shop=brand grow further.




Address: 173, Torikimachini, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
Open: Dec. 1st, 2017
Floor area: 495.86m²
Photo: Keisuke Miyamoto

Mayumi Ehara
Born in Hyogo Prefecture.
Established design office CONSCIOUS in 2000.

SDA Japan Sign Design Award

In addition to apparel brands "Mystic", "kastane", and "DEICY", doing cafe brands design such as "Kagurazaka Saryo" tea house and "Cafe Fusion21" in 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
Besides interior design, designing a wide range of products from logos and packages to menus.