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Shitamachi Kamoshishitsu HIKOBE

Fukurokujyu Brewery, located in Gojome-cho, Akita Prefecture, has over 300 years history. The aim of this project was to create a regional hub that connects people, events, and goods in the town where the sake brewery is located. The building also inherits and conveys the landscape and culture of the past history and future.

We aimed for the renovation that connects the past and future by inserting newly required materials and functions while utilizing the existing main facade and framework, as well as the wood base for walls, fanlights, and furniture that have matured through many years. The triangular eaves and big door opened in an intermediate period will convert the interior space to a passage that creates a bustle with a new walking network among the main street, back yard, sake brewery, and morning market street. In winter time, it functions as a windshield, enhancing the performance of the thermal environment.

The hub, operated by the brewery, is a place open to the inside and outside of the town, not only for selling and tasting of sake, but also for exhibitions or transmissions of local cultures, and meeting place of the town. The free facility management acquired by a private sector and the setup of a large space implies the possibility of new public nature by a private company.


「Shitamachi Kamoshishitsu HIKOBE」

Address: :236-2, Shitamachi, Gojome-cho, Minamiakita-gun, Akita

Open: May 12th, 2018

Floor area: 121.05㎡

Photo:Daisuke Kondou



Daisuke Sugawara
1977 Born in Tokyo JAPAN
2000 Graduated from Department of Architecture at Nihon University
2003 Completed the Master Course at Graduate School of Science &Engineering, WASEDA University
2003 Registered on First Class Architect. (license no. 312817) / JAPAN
2004 Worked at / JAPAN
2004–05 Worked at / France
2006–07 Worked at / France
2007 Established SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects