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“CHOCOLATEBANK” is a flagship store handled by the chocolate brand “ca ca o” from Kamakura, and the shop of a new business style as its concept shop too. As “Cacao Mass” was as valuable as money in ancient times, which is the raw ingredients of chocolate, the shop name was given from that along with the location taking place at former bank site. Though it is located near the Kamakura station, which is always crowded as a sightseeing spot, the façade was designed with the remains of bank appearance not to disturb the environment of Onari street as the local living area.
Inside the store, we changed ATM space into kitchen, and the standby, receptionist, and the banking office space into the eating space, and left the feelings of bank even if the space became skeleton.
In the backward of shop, the vault which was intentionally left was designed into guest seats. The place was renovated to enable people to touch the stainless door of 50 cm thickness and turn the handle. I want all people living in Kamakura, people visiting there as tourists, and chocolate fans to calmly enjoy the space with the atmosphere of bank environment. (Takao Ozono / Salt.)

Address: 11-8, Onaricho, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
Open: Jan. 25th, 2018
Design: Salt. Takao Ozono
Floor Area: 152.24㎡
Seats: 25 Seats
Photo: Yasunori Shimomura

Takao Ozono
1978 Born in Osaka
Graduated from Kobe Design University Arts and Design
2001 Joined “graf” decorative mode no.3
2009 Established Salt.