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Wasokan+cafe186 Matsue

The Matsue branch of Wasoukan is located in a wooden-structure, 2-story building on street level in a newly developed area, Ooniwa, in Matsue City. The branch is home to the kimono store Wasoukan’s “book cafe, cafe 186, and a kimono concierge, which takes care of kimono for guests. The space is united in the “new Japanese” design, different to the traditional Japanese atmosphere of kimono stores. Wasoukan was wrapped completely in rounded gold plating. We placed a sliding unit displaying tanmono (rolls of fabric used to make kimono) and obi in the center of the wall to present customers with products graphically and dynamically. In cafe 186, we placed a series of bookshelves in the center of the room to softly divide the space. Colors throughout the space are kept to black and natural wood. Black elements are a mix of various textures, such as black iron plates, leather, matte black paint, etc., and express the Japanese concept of “natural beauty.” In the afternoon, natural light streams in from the large window sash, while at night, an upper light on the structural wooden beam wraps the entire space in light. Thus, the space shows different iterations at different times of the day. We designed the stair area connected the first and second floors to include a rock garden that extends from the floor to the wall of the second floor. The kimono concierge is dressed in a gorgeous design that encourages guests to entrust their kimono. All these new Japanese design elements layer scene upon scene, giving the visitor a sense of the depth of Wasoukan’s “new Japanese” aesthetic.



Wasokan+cafe186 Matsue

Address:1809-5, Ohba, Matsue-shi, Shimane

Open:Aug. 2016

Photo:SEIRYO STUDIO Seiryo Yamada

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Junichiro Azuma
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