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JOTARO SAITO ginza six

Jotaro Saito is a Kimono, Japanese traditional clothing, designer who continues to challenge creations based on his theme “Tradition is the latest”. I expressed his view of the world by the change of fabric’s colors which was born in collaboration with his products. Entrance is decorated with copper satin, chrome rivets, and damascening of wood, iron, and brass based on the theme of “armor x steam punk”. Wall Kimono display shelves used as store fixture have randomly affixed white wooden fibre cement boards on the surface. The angle changeable one arm shelf has the copper finish on the back which gives warmth in the shadow. The fitting room was made of 21 sliding doors, making it variable like the Edo period style. The independent fixture is based on the image of the museum and combines the storage of the gray ceramic slab with the frame of the copper satin to express the delicacy and the heaviness. The cafe draws an S character with H steel pillar, which separates the space loosely from the selling zone, and complete the continuous experience from “just watching” through “tea & sweets break” to “purchase”. The counter seat is made sexy with the purple gradation dyeing and the table seat has Ginza’s sky as its background. The layers of lattice works create the backlighting in the morning and the evening. Those design works and effects increase the beauty of Kimono.



Location:GINZA SIX 4F, 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open:Apr. 20th, 2017
Designer:Berlina Taisuke Higuchi Kumiko Hayoshi Kirara Iriyama
Floor area:247㎡
Photo:Nacasa & Partners

Berlina Inc.
Taisuke Higuchi
Joined NOMURA Co., Ltd. in 1990.
Established Berlina Inc. in 2000.
Major works: "JOTARO SAITO ginza six", "Happoen NUIT", "MOJA", "Justin Davis", "VALLEY", "AMARANTH", etc.
Prize&Awards: "Travel & Leisure's DESIGN AWARD (USA) BEST RETAIL", "IES Illumination Awards (USA)", "BAMBOO AWARD", "JCD INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS 2017 BEST 100", etc.