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Guinguette by MOJA

“MOJA”, run by COFE COMPANY, was refurbished to the new store with 3 different business categories: a café serving American soul food, a vintage sundries store, and a French style beer hall. To get engaged to Shibuya culture, the points of design are set to utilize existing space and then save costs and also to motivate customers to transmit and share the experience in the space.
“MOJA in the HOUSE” on the 2nd floor is a café where customers can enjoy American soul food. The background music is a soulful music. We pictured a vintage diner where staff and guests can feel family-like atmosphere with a sense of distance and unity surrounded by happy, chic and joyful design. Seat covering fabric is coordinated by eclecticism and west coast style.
“THE GUINGUETTE by MOJA” on the basement floor has an image of popular cabaret in Paris in 1920s and an outdoor amusement. Irrespective of age, sex, and nationality, customers can enjoy this French style beer hall, listening to vintage music for the background music. The lighting plan is reminiscent of a traveling carnival or a circus and, by using old materials, interior gets natural taste and a characteristic texture.
“MOJA TRADING” on the 1st floor is designed as a vintage sundries store on the corner. The point is stained grass brand logo by the window. The DIY-shop-like flexible display system and easily-enterable space design make a good contrast with items and then show vintage sundries freshly. (Taisuke Higuchi / Berlina)


Location:B1F/1F/2F, 1-11-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open:Mar. 18th, 2014
Designer:Berlina Taisuke Higuchi
Floor area:B1F/222㎡(Beer hall) 1F/20㎡(shop) 2F/257㎡(café)
Capacity:B1F/100 seats 2F/124 seats

Berlina Inc.
Taisuke Higuchi
Joined NOMURA Co., Ltd. in 1990.
Established Berlina Inc. in 2000.
Major works: "JOTARO SAITO ginza six", "Happoen NUIT", "MOJA", "Justin Davis", "VALLEY", "AMARANTH", etc.
Prize&Awards: "Travel & Leisure's DESIGN AWARD (USA) BEST RETAIL", "IES Illumination Awards (USA)", "BAMBOO AWARD", "JCD INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS 2017 BEST 100", etc.