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“Azabuyasaigashi” vegetable confectionery store located in Azabujuban, Tokyo offers confectioneries made of seasonal vegetables. I realized the owner’s aspiration “I like vegetables, I like delicious things, and I like to live feeling seasons” in the store space, aiming for the store to tell the story how the owner takes the good care of making confectioneries while cherishing every single material.
Inside the store consists of confectionery retail space and eating space is composed of and finished with fine materials that go well with cherished confectioneries. A simple but full of passion space has many contrasting items; the existing building walls and the new plaster walls, the natural light coming from the opening and the soft light of the store lighting, the bright and the dark places, and the high and low ceilings.
The mortar-finished floor continuous from the façade makes a loose connection to the inside and outside. The store logo repeatedly appears as a motif in the original pendant lighting at the display corner and the wrought iron sign work in the facade. These designs make you feel the Japanese taste in a contained way and casually highlight simple confectionaries.


Address: 3-1-5, Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: Mar. 17th, 2014
Floor area: 49.8 m²
Photo: Nacasa & Partners

fan Inc.
Fumihiko Fujii
Born in 1976.
Graduated from HOSEI University Graduate School Architecture Master’s Program.
Established fan Inc. in 2010.
Started teaching at Vantan Design Institute Interior design faculty from 2011.