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Why don’t you ask the spatial designers posted on MUSEUM to design your project?

BAMBOO MUSEUM is a platform that connects "people looking for spatial designers" and "spatial designers".
First of all, please browse MUSEUM and find works & designers that match your plan.
As a next step, contact us through the form below, and then, we will start consultation.
We have many experienced and skillful spatial designers in BAMBOO MUSEUM.
We support your meeting with the designers for a great success in your project.

What is BAMBOO MUSEUM coordination service?
Request coordination
to us and we will do interview and consultation
Organize a competition
Announce the competition to registered designers (first 10 participants). / You and BAMBOO make a contract.
First selection
You select three designers after the meetings with designers.
(About 2 to 4 weeks)
Second selection
You see presentation by designers.
Decide one designer
After you decide the designer, we ask coordination fee (3% of total construction fee).
Advantages of our service
Many experienced and skillful spatial designers are registered in BAMBOO MUSEUM.
You can find the appropriate designers for your project.
Coordination fee is incurred only after the coordination is successfully completed.
We will charge 3% coordination fee based on the total construction fee.
You can request consultations to us after the coordination is finished.
We will utilize our unique know-how and support the coordination.
Reqest coodination
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Mail address*
Project name
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