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REVEL design
Saiko Iijima
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Musashino Art College. After working as an interior coordinator at a housing company, joined SWANS ID as an interior designer. In 2011, established REVEL DESIGN.
Designing various spaces mainly restaurants. Based on space design, also providing total direction for displays, graphic logo designs, uniforms, etc.

People and space, cost and design, tradition and innovation, day and night, sacred and secular, local and global, delicate and bold … Perhaps age or uniqueness will be determined how to balance among these various contrasts.

REVEL DESIGN is good at composing a simple and calm space that does not insist on too much of its era and originality, making use of materials that are aging, such as wood, stone, soil and metal. We create a place where people gather, and the place dwells and grows as it turns around, placing emphasis on the “space” and “air” that cannot be measured by numbers.

We will discuss with you what space you want and what you want to do while organizing, integrating, and chewing the fragmentary and ambiguous images in your mind and present as a specific design. We believe that the result will be better than you might have imagined first.