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Aiji Inoue
1977 Born in Yokohama, Japan
2001 Graduate from Meiji University, Department of Architecture
2011 DOYLE COLLECTION co.,ltd  Founder CEO

2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards London Asia Bar Winner

In addition to winning No.1 in the Asia Bar category of “Restaurant & Bar Design Awards (London)” in 2013, we are the first Japanese office which won the “world’s top office” in “Firm of the Year (NY)” in 2017. Many of our works have received international awards and grabbed attention. The place of our activity spread not only in Japan but also all over the world such as the United States, Britain, China, Thailand, and India. Worldwide experiences are also utilized in our domestic projects.

In recent years, we have also undertaken the design development and rebranding of chain stores such as ” TULLY’S COFFEE”, “Mister Donut”, “Shinjuku Tonkatsu Saboten”, etc. We have also received a good reputation for organizing and utilizing know-how and creation a manual.