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JA laboratory
Junichiro Azuma
April 1990 Started to work at Akamatsu Store Research Institute (current Geo Akamatsu)
September 1996 Started to work at Fresco
June 2005 Established JA laboratory

We have been “researching” a space that offers wonderful communication; a restaurant where you have a meal, a bar you enjoy a cocktail of your choice, a conference room you give an important presentation, a living room you get relaxed , a park you play with your family …

The starting point of communication is to face each other. I design “space” between two factors facing each other. “The visible” and “The invisible” filled in “space”.


Chibo IKSPIARI & Osaka Shinsaibashi / Kobe Frantz / Yoshimoto Omiyagemon Yokocho+Otemaedokoro / Henbaya Shoten Iseshiekimae / Wasokan+CAFE186 Shimanehamada & Matsue /
ZENIYA cafe / La Beccase / CHATROIS

Ajikitcho Bunbu-An / Kyoto Tourist Information Center / Yodoyabashi ODONA Environmental design / etc




2018 A’ Design Award 2018(Italia) Bronze –
Kyoto Tourist Information Center

2010 Good Design Award 2010 –
Kyoto Tourist Information Center

2010 JCD Design Award 2010 BEST100 –
Kyoto Tourist Information Center

2009 Nominated for JCD KANSAI Best Designers

2000 JCD Design Award/Shop&Store category – LAVAL

1998 National Lighting Award ’97
Rookie of the year / Shop system competition award of excellence