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Nakagawa Kenji design office
Kenji Nakagawa
1975 Born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
1997 Joined Kamiya Design Office
2002 Became General Manager of Kamiya Design Tokyo Branch Design Department
2005 Resigned from Kamiya Design Office
2005 Established Nakagawa Kenji design office

“Beauty of usage”, representing Japan’s ancient folk crafts, has acquired the essential beauty of the function by eliminating waste.
It is beautiful as it is. Beauty of silence. Our store design is too incomplete compared to this ideal “Beauty of usage”. No matter how much we pay attention to the details, it is not enough. Our design is established for the first time by enthusiasm of owner, voices of staff, smiles of customer, and the atmosphere unique to the store, that is born over time.
Beauty that is created with users not by form or designer’s ego.
Unfinished beauty in space alone.
That is the “Beauty of usage” of Nakagawa Kenji design office, and we aim to practice it in various places.