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Taiji Fujimoto
Born in Aichi prefecture in 1983. Moved to Mie from teens and started to work at a construction company, gaining various experience as a field worker. After graduating from a design school in Nagoya, went to Tokyo and worked at SUPER POTATO in 2005. Started to work at Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) Tokyo office in 2009. Established DESIGN STUDIO CROW in 2013 after working for other two design firms. Currently works mainly for commercial spaces such as hotel projects throughout the country and fine restaurants.

DESIGN STUDIO CROW is a design studio based in Tokyo. We do commercial space desing such as hotels and restaurants. Our activitiy range is from all over Japan to overseas. We carefully give a interview with a client, learn characteristics and culture of each area of project, and care about comfortableness and additional value for customers. Taking those factoers in consideration, we propose a high quality environment based on a consistent concept from layout to space, furniture, color schemes. Besides designing space which is loved for a long time, we continuously pursue designs that produce “surprises” and “emotions” that are not limited to just decoration.


CEO / Interior Designer
ALTO-B 702, 3-7-18, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0022