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Wataru Sato
1979 Born in Chigasaki Kanagawa
2003 Master degree of Tokyo Institute of Technology
2003 Joined KOKUYO
2018 Director of Creative Design Division / Chief Designer / First Class Architect

Office, co-working space, showroom, shop, F&B, etc. Planning, direction and design of various spaces / products. Major awards and prizes : German Design Award Award in 2017, BAMBOO AWARD SILVER Prize, Reddot Communication Award in 2016/2013, SDA Best Award in 2013, JCD Newcomer Award 2012, and many other awards in Japan and abroad.

To create a blank space.



That is not an extra blank but an intentionally given one.



The blank space can gather the wisdom of many people, provide different stories and scenes for each project, and create an emotional space.



To have the blank space or margins do not overdo everything, and then we have intentional looseness. As a result, the space is not completed by the producer. Users receive the baton and keep using it. A new story is born, and the space becomes more colorful and lively. I want to create such a scenery.