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BBQ is a unique food style that can be enjoyed better in nature with friends. We thought it may come from human nature; human beings used to do hunting and grilling meat outside. When we planned interior design of this restaurant, we imagined ancient times and tried to create a comfortable space where customers can have primitive feelings surrounded by trees & creeks and sometimes in caves.
On the first floor, we made a super real cave tempting people to touch it. Herringbone grass floors depict running water. Even smoke, a thing that easily disappears, is enclosed within a grass table. Grass gravel are placed under the table that create an atmosphere of riverside. Guests may wonder whether they should put their feet into the water or not as if they were in real nature.
The second floor has green walls and steel pipes that resemble forests. Floors and tables are made of oriented strand boards inspired by contour lines. Steel pipes have hooks for jackets or bags and those objects can be looked as flowers or fruits controlling privacies against next tables.
Interior design is likely to focus on visual information but if you add tactile and emotional devices, customers get stronger impressions and keep the experiences in their memories. We believe that people who had good experiences in a certain store would try to invite others to the same store and then update their joyful memories. We hope, as a result, many people will become enthusiastic fans of this store “NIKUNOTORIKO”, in Japanese it means “under a spell of meat”.


Location:Land Roppongi bld. 1&2F, 4-5-11, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open:Dec. 5th, 2016
Floor area:1F/65.84㎡ & 2F/64.50㎡
Capacity:1F/20 seats & 2F/22 seats
Photo:Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Ryoji Iedokoro
1977 Born in Yokohama.
2012 Established HOUSE PLACE ARCHITECTURE association.
2014 Reorganized into Ryoji IEDOKORO ARCHITECTURE OFFICE Co., Ltd.