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The floor area of the store is about 34㎡. Both floor area and ceiling height are small, but we placed 9 counter seats and 2 set of 4 table seats here. We aimed to create the space where guests can enjoy the close relationships between people and people or objects, decreasing the disadvantage of the smallness. The ceiling of kitchen and counter is processed with sharp edges and bottom and side colors are painted separately and differently so that it looks like a piece of paper floating in the space, freeing the feeling of oppression. The ceiling of the table seat is formed like “Kamakura”, Japanese style snow igloo. In order to make the relationship between people and objects gentler and create ambiguity of distance, many corners appearing in the space are rounded.
Finishing materials are selected based on the feeling of natural texture to create an atmosphere close to the physical sensation. I narrowed down the main materials to three kinds; plaster, porcelain tile, and tree so that the cuisine stands out. We harmonized their colors and suppressed the excessive claiming of finishing materials. In addition, at the corner of the counter, a hammer-finishing shiny metal pillar was set up with a hook where a single‐flower vase attached. Flowers in the vase are changed daily, giving a sense of season and glossy life to the space. This arrangement is reminiscent of pillar, vase, and flower in a Japanese tea room, creating a Japanese atmosphere across the space.




Location: Ever-hills Ikejiriohashi 1F, 1-1-8, Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Open: July 6th, 2017
Designer: Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc. Hiroyuki Ogawa Erika Okamoto
Floor area: 34㎡
Capacity: 17 seats
Photo: Kaku Ohtaki

Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc.
Hiroyuki Ogawa
1977 Born in Chiba, Japan
2002 Bachelor in Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts
2004 Master in Architecture, Graduated School of Architecture ,Tokyo University of the Arts
2004 Established Ogawa and associates
2008-2011 Teaching assistant, Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts