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In the underground space in the center of the city, we have created a restaurant full of beauty by combining Japan’s traditional Sukiya architecture style and a natural garden. It has a rich garden with natural trees, moss and stones, providing a luxurious space. To create a real garden is to place stones, put soil, plant natural living plants, and create a “scenery”. It is not a display, an arrangement of potted plants. The main role is played by the “garden” scene, while the “architecture” guest room area focuses on playing a quiet supporting role without adding new expressions faithfully protecting the tradition of Sukiya. Collaborating with various first-class professionals and craftsmanship, we have created a beautiful Japanese scene that Japanese people have forgotten. A stone pavement alley with sprinkled water, a Japanese-style room with a garden view from traditional shoji-window, a mossy stepping stone, a transparent Japanese paper that softly separates the line of sight, and a hemp yarn partition like hand-woven fabric. We hope that in addition to Japanese people, foreigners will see and feel the essence of Japanese culture in this place, and it become the place to “realize” Japan’s goodness. We hope you enjoy the space and food through five senses.




Address:HOMMACHI GARDEN CITY, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Floor area:236.92㎡

Open:October, 2010


JA laboratory
Junichiro Azuma
April 1990 Started to work at Akamatsu Store Research Institute (current Geo Akamatsu)
September 1996 Started to work at Fresco
June 2005 Established JA laboratory