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Kushitei Ginza

Kushitei Ginza was planned to be the flagship location of the Kushitei restaurant brand. This brand’s restaurants are divided into “luxury,” “upper middle,” and “casual” types of restaurants based on their location and characteristics, and the flagship store is in the “luxury” category. We were asked to create a new atmosphere appropriate for the Ginza area while also drawing inspiration from the brand design concept “oriental Japanese.”

We partnered with Koji Orii of Momentum Factory Orii to create this atmosphere. We used a bronze plate color to create an impression constant change on the walls, paralleling that of the excitement and sizzling of frying kushiage. We connected the “borrowed scene” of neon signs, a characteristic scene of Ginza, visible from the window next to the slightly raised seats and connected it with varicolored dried bonsai through to the entire restaurant, including the façade, counter, raised seats and even outside of the restaurant, to pull the entire design together.



Kushitei Ginza

Address: GICROS GINZA GEMS 6F, 6-4-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Floor area: 66 ㎡

Open: Nov. 16th, 2019

Photo: Nacasa & Partners

Masterd Co.,Ltd.
Futoshi Masuda
Born in 1981
2004 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts
2004 Started to work at SEMBA CORPORATION
2013 Started to work at age Co., Ltd.
2016 Established Masterd Co.,Ltd.

While working mainly on restaurant design in urban areas, we are expanding our range of activities, such as a long-stay hotel in Indonesia and a staff canteen of a logistics warehouse.

Major Awards
IDA Design Awards 2019 Honorable Mention (MARUGO SHINBASHI)
Sky Design Awards 2019 Shortlist (MARUGO SHINBASHI)
Bamboo Awards 2019 winning (MARUGO SHINBASHI / Kushitei Shibuya)