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The theater style Japanese restaurant “SONA” has a blending taste of Japanese and Western styles. The simple concrete store space has only 10 counter seats along a black walnut solid counter table surrounding the stainless steel kitchen. It is a comfortable restaurant where guests can enjoy mixed Japanese and Western cuisine while experiencing the momentum of a kitchen like a theater. The copper hanging cupboard is designed based on Pagoda Roof that creates an Asian atmosphere. At the end of the hallway, shoji (Japanese paper sliding door) with a dim light and a blue neon sign “SONA” create the depth in the store and make an illusional image that there is another store behind the wall. The fabric of vermillion frame stools have red and golden dragon pattern, and the pair stained glass at the both ends of the counter depict Mt. Fuji and Nishikigoi(a varicolored Japanese carp). The bathroom which is a key factor in the space is decorated with the blue bonsai(Japanese dwarf tree pot) pattern cross on the ceiling and lapis lazuli colored tile joints which is known as a symbol color for good fortune. The mirror with the lighting inspired by a total solar eclipse in the bright and beautiful space creates a good contrast to the main room and makes female guests enjoy fixing makeup and enliven the dinner time.



Location:Ginza Seiwa Silver Building B1F, 8-2-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open:May 6th, 2017
Designer:Berlina Taisuke Higuchi
Floor area:36㎡
Capacity:10 seats
Photo:Nacasa & Partners

Berlina Inc.
Taisuke Higuchi
Joined NOMURA Co., Ltd. in 1990.
Established Berlina Inc. in 2000.
Major works: "JOTARO SAITO ginza six", "Happoen NUIT", "MOJA", "Justin Davis", "VALLEY", "AMARANTH", etc.
Prize&Awards: "Travel & Leisure's DESIGN AWARD (USA) BEST RETAIL", "IES Illumination Awards (USA)", "BAMBOO AWARD", "JCD INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS 2017 BEST 100", etc.