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Shinsaibashi Nishiya Grand Front Osaka

This Udon pot restaurant “Nishiya” is located in Grand Front Osaka building, a complex commercial facility in front of JR Osaka station. “Udon” is a traditional Japanese noodle and “Nishiya” brand has over 40 years of its history as an Udon restaurant in Osaka. The brand was founded in 1957 and we started to design the restaurant, thinking how to express their history inside a modern building. We established the restaurant’s concept as “Japanese Beauty” based on images and senses of ancient Japanese flower and tea arts. We focused on colors, materials and details in order to realize Japanese beauty. Lighting equipment has unique patterns of shade and shadow created by layers of Japanese papers. Coverings of chairs are textiles embroidered with gold threads which are used for Japanese traditional clothes, Kimono. Above all, we paid a special attention to wood paintings. We pursued beautiful grains with amber color, deep glaze, and textures of woods. Grand Front Osaka building was positioned as an entrance for the world. We think we could express Japanese intrinsic sense of “Beauty” in here.



Location /Grand Front Osaka South building 7F, 4-20 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Open /April 26th, 2013
Floor area /73.9㎡
Capacity/32 seats
Photo/Nacasa & Partners


Yukimasa Numata
Born in Osaka in 1974.
After graduating from high school, worked in the restaurant industry for two years, at a design&construction company and a design office, and then became independent in 2000.
After working as a freelance, established NUMATA YUKIMASA DESIGN OFFICE INC. in 2004.

2008 "Wano Tsubaki" (Osaka)
2013 "PIENO festa" (Osaka)
2014 "Nanohana" (Bangkok)
2016 "Umami teppan Kingyo" (Osaka) and many others.
Won "BAMBOO AWARD 2016 Grand Prix" by "SOHONKE NANIWA SOBA Kitahama" (Osaka, 2015).