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Chinese restaurant “sazenka” is a renovated fine dining restaurant which used to be an attache’s house. The concept is “mixture of Japanese spirit and Chinese talent”. The executive chef who studied at the forefront of Chinese and Japanese culinary fields provides a new Chinese cuisine that brings out both the flamboyant “taste” of Chinese cuisine and the deep “daintiness” of Japanese cuisine customized for Japanese climate, using Japanese food.
Our first challenge was how to express the concept “mixture of Japanese spirit and Chinese talent” as a spatial designer. The conclusion we reached is that the store’s philosophy is not complete in space only and should not be clearly formed. It is finally realized and becomes visible after sophisticated cuisine is set in space and high-end hospitality are integrated.
When guests pass through bamboo groves of the exterior, they are welcomed by the display of Chinese teaware which is also the origin of the store name and subdued light. We chose high quality and minimum materials such as plaster, walnut trees and mortar walls for the interior. By adding light & shadow based on the lighting plan and restrained details, more sophisticated space is produced. We also applied specila forms based on Chinese philosophy to the walls of tea counter and display.




Location/4-7-5, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open/Feb. 10th, 2017
Designer/DESIGN STUDIO CROW Taiji Fujimoto Nanako Sueki
Floor area/180㎡
Capacity/24 seats
Photo/Kenta Hasegawa

Taiji Fujimoto
Born in Aichi prefecture in 1983. Moved to Mie from teens and started to work at a construction company, gaining various experience as a field worker. After graduating from a design school in Nagoya, went to Tokyo and worked at SUPER POTATO in 2005. Started to work at Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) Tokyo office in 2009. Established DESIGN STUDIO CROW in 2013 after working for other two design firms. Currently works mainly for commercial spaces such as hotel projects throughout the country and fine restaurants.