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“Saveurs” means flavor or taste. “Complices” means secret agreements or accomplices.

“RESTAURANT SAVEURS COMPLICES” is the high-end French restaurant which entertain you with “Southern French Cuisine” which includes an unconventional combination of food not in original country and a fusion of cuisine styles around the world, based on French cuisine.

In cooking, “agreement”, cooperation of various ingredients in one dish, is aimed, and to archive the “agreement”, the chef and sommelier become “accomplices” by refining the greatest effect and message, then the art is completed.

Even in the design concept, following the mind of cuisine, the materials with strong texture are chosen such as wood (walnut), stone (travertine), metal (bronze), leather, and light, and they are organized with the careful details to elegantly resonate in the space of dish.

Once the guest enters the restaurant, a glass-fleshed meat cellar welcomes in the front. Then, luxurious waiting area and bar counter against the wine cellar appear. In center, there is a spacious dining area, and the counter seat is settled on the stage where the presence of the kitchen can be tasted.

These exquisitely blended high-quality spaces and cuisine are aiming to make guests spend a quality time that they have never been experienced.


Address / 1F Azabu S building, 3-4-11, Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Floor area / 94㎡

Completion Year / Jul.2017

Photo / Kenta Hasegawa

Taiji Fujimoto
Born in Aichi prefecture in 1983. Moved to Mie from teens and started to work at a construction company, gaining various experience as a field worker. After graduating from a design school in Nagoya, went to Tokyo and worked at SUPER POTATO in 2005. Started to work at Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) Tokyo office in 2009. Established DESIGN STUDIO CROW in 2013 after working for other two design firms. Currently works mainly for commercial spaces such as hotel projects throughout the country and fine restaurants.