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Yutaka Kindergarten

Yutaka Kindergarten, with 50 years’ history, aims for “self-active education” which is the education that children establish their internal question and learning by themselves through the free recreation. Therefore, I went back to the origin of the word, “kindergarten = child’s garden”, and created the entire site as the group of playground. By designing the wall like a chain of mountains, trees and flowers, I created “the garden of motion / the garden of silence / the garden with roof” with which children could play in a different way. Children can find their own way to play with their best place which fits their physical strength, speed, and number of kids by searching through the amusement garden. This environment awakens human animal instincts of searching for a comfortable place by body and enables voluntary early childhood education through new experiences and discoveries. The biodiversity play garden where things, matters, and humans exist altogether shows the model of kinder garden required in a new era.


“Yutaka Kindergarten”

Address:Misato-shi, Saitama

Opening date:April, 2015

Site area: 2650.43㎡

Floor area: 802.25㎡

Photo:Jeremie Souteyrat

Daisuke Sugawara
1977 Born in Tokyo JAPAN
2000 Graduated from Department of Architecture at Nihon University
2003 Completed the Master Course at Graduate School of Science &Engineering, WASEDA University
2003 Registered on First Class Architect. (license no. 312817) / JAPAN
2004 Worked at / JAPAN
2004–05 Worked at / France
2006–07 Worked at / France
2007 Established SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects