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In this project, we updated this hotel, first opened 20 years ago, to maximize its appeal and also make into a hotel that draws out the curiosity of international guests who have a wide variety of lifestyles.

The wall-to-wall carpet is inspired by the seaside environment and expresses the spray of the waves and the depth of the sea. The furniture floating comfortably atop this is made mainly with white and the color of natural wood, amplifying the sense of floating. We were able to recreate the context of the exterior, similar to a yacht’s sail, and its location, within the guest rooms as well. Our choice of textiles further localized the contents of this contemporary design. One example is high quality silk.

When the port of Yokohama was opened as the “gateway to the outside world” silk gathered at the port, so we incorporated high quality silk, carefully chosen for its silkiness and sheen. Textiles inspired by the printing technique, Yokohama Nassen, are also incorporated into the design. (Aiji Inoue / DOYLE COLLECTION)

Aiji Inoue
1977 Born in Yokohama, Japan
2001 Graduate from Meiji University, Department of Architecture
2011 DOYLE COLLECTION co.,ltd  Founder CEO

2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards London Asia Bar Winner