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“HOTEL LOVE” was designed based on the concept of an adult playground with high-sensitivity. Approach and foyer have the image of luxury designer’s hotel in mild climate of Miami. We tried to raise the customer’s expectation by creating a story with the red carpet runway in the approach and the extraordinary unique foyer behind the wooden door. The design concept of the guest room is to divide it into 8 categories: Paris, Modern, Morocco, Resort, USA, Italy, Chinoiseri, and Gold. All 40 rooms were designed differently. For example, the room of Paris is a small boutique hotel in Paris which suits the vivid red, the room of Chinoiserie is an apartment rented out by the European owner who likes Chinese design, the room of Morocco is an exotic and mysterious atmosphere, etc. Guests can get an unusual feeling from each room. The luxury hotel, which can entertain sensitive adults without getting tired, has completed.




Location/2-2-3, Nagano, Minami-ku, Kokura, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
Open/June. 30th, 2017
Design/NUMATA YUKIMASA DESIGN OFFICE Inc. Yukimasa Numata Yasutaka Hirata
Floor area/Total 2620㎡(average floor area 795㎡)
Capacity/40 rooms
Photo/ad hoc inc. Daisuke Shima

Yukimasa Numata
Born in Osaka in 1974.
After graduating from high school, worked in the restaurant industry for two years, at a design&construction company and a design office, and then became independent in 2000.
After working as a freelance, established NUMATA YUKIMASA DESIGN OFFICE INC. in 2004.

2008 "Wano Tsubaki" (Osaka)
2013 "PIENO festa" (Osaka)
2014 "Nanohana" (Bangkok)
2016 "Umami teppan Kingyo" (Osaka) and many others.
Won "BAMBOO AWARD 2016 Grand Prix" by "SOHONKE NANIWA SOBA Kitahama" (Osaka, 2015).