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NJNG House

This is the house adapting contradictory elements, such as the density and relationships of private and public in each room, the balance between privacy and the sunshine from outside, into suitable volume for the inhabitant. On the first floor, the window was set only on the courtyard surface, and, on the second floor, the windows were set on south and west side thinking the dimensions to balance between sunlight and heat. The sunlight taken from the second floor fell from the floor’s grating to the first floor and was captured as soft indirect light by receiving the light with a drooping wall provided from the ceiling on the first floor. Furthermore, by giving good air condition with the high insulation and airtight performance controlling humidity, the continuous less stress environment was created.


“NJNG House”
Opening date:December, 2017
Floor area:213㎡ (three stories bld. B1F&1F&2F)
Photo:Nacasa & partners Inc. Satoshi Umetsu


Ryoji Iedokoro
1977 Born in Yokohama.
2012 Established HOUSE PLACE ARCHITECTURE association.
2014 Reorganized into Ryoji IEDOKORO ARCHITECTURE OFFICE Co., Ltd.