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shibuya apartment 202

It is a renovation project to convert a private house to a guest house such as Airbnb in Shibuya, Tokyo.
For the tourists who have exciting experiences in the bustle area of ​​Shibuya, I intended to provide a quiet and clean space for rest, which is opposite to the experiences in the city.
The walls and ceilings finished with a dark colored plaster make the whole room a quiet space like a cave. The floor above the main floor level is finished with carpets and it is a comfortable place for rest .
The neon light attached to the wall will remind guests of the exciting experience in Shibuya.
Anticipating the deregulation in the future, the house is planned for Airbnb. Currently, it is operated as a regular rental property, achieving higher rent than the standard rent in this district.

“Shibuya Apartment 202”
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Floor area: 61 m²
Photo: Kaku Ohtaki

Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc.
Hiroyuki Ogawa
1977 Born in Chiba, Japan
2002 Bachelor in Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts
2004 Master in Architecture, Graduated School of Architecture ,Tokyo University of the Arts
2004 Established Ogawa and associates
2008-2011 Teaching assistant, Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts