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Machida House


This is a private residence built on a sloping property surrounded by a natural environment alongside the Hinatamigawa River, which flows through the Shima Onsen area, one of the most famous onsen (hot spring) areas in Gunma Prefecture. We planned a long, skinny, one-story wooden residence to fit in the lot sandwiched by the Hinatamigawa River and a park.

The land on the lot is always well hydrated due to the flow of plentiful subterranean water from the rear of the lot down towards the Hinatamigawa River. Considering the slope of the lot and other factors, it certainly wasn’t the best environment for a residence. To address this, we created a 2m-tall foundation with a concrete slab placed on top, which juts out of the slope in all four directions. On top of this, we planned for a building with a base of 23.6m by 4.6m. By creating enough distance from the slope, we were able to separate it from the wet earth and create a comfortable living space.

Machida House

Address:Nakanojo-machi, Gunma

Floor area:108.84㎡

Open:July, 2018

Photo:Tomoki Hirokawa

Kuhiniko Matsuba
Representative Director of TYRANT, Inc. and registered First-Class Architect (Registration No. 327569). Born in Tokyo in 1979. After completing a postgraduate degree at Tokyo University of the Arts, Matsuba immediately starts up his own design firm. His early career is exceptional – the first building he designed was the public cultural facility (former Hiromori Sake Brewery in Nakanojou town, Gunma Prefecture).
He received the Excellence Award in the 11th Yoshinobu Ashihara Awards and the New Face Award at the 2011 JCD Design Awards, among other awards.

His forte of designing public spaces and reviving historical buildings such as warehouses and Japanese architecture earned him coverage in various overseas media, including SURFACE ASIA and the British lay magazine The Independent. In recent years, he has expanded the range of his work to include design of art spaces, restaurants, and accommodations, as well as direction of design of commercial facilities.

Matsuba also writes the column “Outsider Architect” for web magazine PARTNER where he interviews many prominent figures including Yo Shitara (BEAMS), Hitoshi Tanaka (JINS), Hiroshi Onishi (Isetan Mitsukoshi), and Akihiro Nishino (picture book author), Yasuharu Ishikawa (Stripe International), Takahiro Tsusumi (Saison Museum of Modern Art), and baanai (visual artist).

In 2018, he exhibited the modern art collection “MATSUBA COLLECTION” in EUKARYOTE art gallery located in Gaienmae, Tokyo. At Kogakuin University, he serves as an adjunct professor in the Architectural Design Department of the Architecture School.