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This residence, with louvres and wooden slats, is a very typical design from the design firm Frame. The gentle atmosphere of the wooden materials references “memory of the neighborhood,” which was once filled with wooden-board houses.

Its open ceiling and translucent tiles are not just only aspects of a modern design, but also adapt the house for older users and warmer temperatures.

Its design incorporates techniques so that the residents feel connected to family members and do not isolate – a version of emotional “barrier free” design.

Design themes

・emotional “barrier free”

・the story of wooden boards

・Open glass construction supporting life in hotter temperatures


Address:Setagaya, Tokyo

Floor area:420.47㎡

Photo:Susumu Koshimizu

Yuta Kaneko
1979 Born in Kanagawa / Blood type B
2002 Graduated from Nihon University School of Science and Engineering
2005 Joined FLAME

Since 2004, I have cooperated in disseminating the technology of "disaster prevention town development" as a lecturer and counselor by answering to various anxieties and questions for earthquake resistance in plain words. In
2007, I transformed a 400-year-old traditional Japanese building to a local after-school.
Utilizing the "consensus building method" learnt in the above described cases, sharing designs and opinions with clients in a plain manner, I work on spacial design that can be used for commercial and welfare activities as well as housing.