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An urban resort

This residence distinguishes clearly between atmosphere in the afternoon and at night.

One design aspect that gives it a flavor of “resort” is the volume of the materials and proportion of the design in general, adjusted in light of the transition of ceiling height felt with the concave terrace, in the living room, and room for relaxation. This design offers both a feeling of “otherworldliness” felt at resorts, and “feeling the presence of family” – the true meaning of home.

Design themes

・Concave terrace

・Casual proportions

・Space for family to gather and relax


An urban resort

Adderess:Katsushika, Tokyo

Floor area:133.32㎡

Photo:Shigeru Otsuki

Yuta Kaneko
1979 Born in Kanagawa / Blood type B
2002 Graduated from Nihon University School of Science and Engineering
2005 Joined FLAME

Since 2004, I have cooperated in disseminating the technology of "disaster prevention town development" as a lecturer and counselor by answering to various anxieties and questions for earthquake resistance in plain words. In
2007, I transformed a 400-year-old traditional Japanese building to a local after-school.
Utilizing the "consensus building method" learnt in the above described cases, sharing designs and opinions with clients in a plain manner, I work on spacial design that can be used for commercial and welfare activities as well as housing.