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Forest office – Aqua planet Matsusaka head office building

It is an office building standing between trees. Here, we aimed at the office environment in which the worker could choice their best place with their instinct by feeling the surrounding cityscape and the changes of trees with their body. We created the continuous large space by organizing a “hut group” of closed functions such as warehouse and kitchen and “garden group” with seasonal feeling. There, the interior included the colors of four seasons by various large windows which cut the scenery of the townscape and the garden, mirrored ceiling and furniture of light color saturation. As a result, inhomogeneous and diverse location groups spread throughout the site.

In this project, we reviewed the original relationship between “environment” and “body” created by time and place, and reconstructed this idea as a comfortable office space. This was realized by the design which consider the different element integrally such as garden and furniture not only the building and the design method which cross the field.


“Forest office – Aqua planet Matsusaka head office building”

Address:Matsusaka-shi, Mie

Opening Date:Dec, 2011

Floor area:1,193.30 sqm /348.01 sqm

Photo:Nacasa & partners Inc. (Takeshi Nakasa)


Daisuke Sugawara
1977 Born in Tokyo JAPAN
2000 Graduated from Department of Architecture at Nihon University
2003 Completed the Master Course at Graduate School of Science &Engineering, WASEDA University
2003 Registered on First Class Architect. (license no. 312817) / JAPAN
2004 Worked at / JAPAN
2004–05 Worked at / France
2006–07 Worked at / France
2007 Established SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects