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CUPNOODLES MUSEUM 1F museum shop / 5F studio & office

Comparing “gift” to “box” = CUBE, the museum shop in 1F was created with four charms of the box. The first one was a box as a gift. Second was the large advertisement of the shop itself with the graphical appeal the box has. Thirdly, the stacked boxes as both interior and stock. Fourth, the stacked box as the exhibition platform to make guest enjoy shopping as if viewing artworks. And the size of these boxes were made with cup noodle module. In other words, all the interior was made with the size of cup noodles.

For 5F studio and office, we were requested from client to create “an unlikely office” and “a studio with which we can deliver our creativity.” So, based on the concept of “creative storage”, we planned the space regarding that the space would be the place to make the creative source of the museum. The staff office was made with containers and steel frames, and the large corridor was located in the center to be the studio which was open to the public. The creativity of the museum generated in the warehouse space was loaded in the container, and was sent from Minato Mirai to all over Japan and the world.


CUPNOODLES MUSEUM 1F museum shop / 5F studio & office

Address: 2-3-4, Shikou, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

Open: 2011

Floor area: 1F 150㎡ & 5F 1600㎡

Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Wataru Sato
1979 Born in Chigasaki Kanagawa
2003 Master degree of Tokyo Institute of Technology
2003 Joined KOKUYO
2018 Director of Creative Design Division / Chief Designer / First Class Architect

Office, co-working space, showroom, shop, F&B, etc. Planning, direction and design of various spaces / products. Major awards and prizes : German Design Award Award in 2017, BAMBOO AWARD SILVER Prize, Reddot Communication Award in 2016/2013, SDA Best Award in 2013, JCD Newcomer Award 2012, and many other awards in Japan and abroad.