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E Office

This office is designed to give an impression of the outdoor space as if the outside natural environment is drawn into the inside.

By using materials like the external wall of the building for the interior or by the wall greening that seems to continue from the outside nature, we made the inside space like the outdoor. The ceiling has bare pipes and lighting rails that resemble vines, and the floor is finished like a deck. Pendant lightings are set to reminds people of nuts. A large organic-form-table is designed to give an illusion of somewhere like the waterside.

Initially, the style of people’s behavior such as workstyle and lifestyle change rapidly. Therefore, designing a space based on them may shorten the useful life of the space. Instead of that I decided to rely on a more permanent and universal factor that goes beyond the categories of industry or nature of business. That is “physical comfort”.

“Even if the way of business and workstyle changes, the conditions of the environment where people can feel comfortable in living and working probably will not change. Because human beings originally lived in the natural environment, the comfortable feeling coming from there should be more permanent than a workstyle, so we should provide an environment where people feel physically pleasant, shouldn’t we? ”

As a result of those ideas, we necessarily departed from the fixed idea of ​​conventional office space, and a workspace with a feeling of comfort like the outdoor was born.

A space like a deformed natural environment such as the sea and the forest becomes a device which gives free and creative ideas.

This is a corporate office that creates fine entertainment contents that entertain users. If employees can work in a relaxed way with freedom, it will lead to better outcomes.




“E Office”

Address: Tokyo

Open: Sep. 2016

Floor area: 195 m²

Photo: Nacasa&Partners Inc.

Ryoji Iedokoro
1977 Born in Yokohama.
2012 Established HOUSE PLACE ARCHITECTURE association.
2014 Reorganized into Ryoji IEDOKORO ARCHITECTURE OFFICE Co., Ltd.