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Yokohama Juhan Office

This is a design for a reception space where Yokohama Juutaku Hanbai company welcomes its customers. Their design request included the keywords, “clean,” “advance,” “hope” and “memory.” They said that the design didn’t need to be connected to the product they offer, real estate.

While we were slightly unsure before the project started, but our client had conveyed the above requests to us very clearly. Once we were able to interpret their request to mean that “one might understand the relationship if properly explained, but it is not necessary to make the design explanatory” the project went forward smoothly.

Our method for designing this space was to interpret the keywords as a chain of words: “white and blue,” “sharp,” “layer,” and “first impression,” and create the space from these.

In the end, we were able to answer our client’s challenge to create their desired space in a straightforward manner. (Aiji Inoue / DOYLE COLLECTION)

Aiji Inoue
1977 Born in Yokohama, Japan
2001 Graduate from Meiji University, Department of Architecture
2011 DOYLE COLLECTION co.,ltd  Founder CEO

2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards London Asia Bar Winner