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Spread of space created by effect manipulation.
The Tokyo office of Creative Production based in Osaka, receiving numerous international evaluations.
Proportions and materials of the existing space of maisonette designed for the residence had already created the perfect beauty. In terms of design, I intended to create a place to produce new experiences while taking advantage of the beauty of the existing space.
Following the effect manipulation of music editing in terms of spatial extent and (in extreme cases such as dubs) creating unrealistic space, contact area of the newly attached wooden shelf to the existing white and large wall is painted in the same color with gradation. As a result, the boundary between the wooden shelf and the wall surface becomes ambiguous, and a mysterious depth like a mist is born on the existing wall surface.
In addition, the FRP-surface-treated conference room table has a color gradation by the polishing method, and it amplifies the sense of the depth of the whole conference room.


Designer / Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc. Hiroyuki Ogawa Erika Okamoto
Construction / design works KOMA Takuji Oikawa / Think Vision Sato Manabu
Photo / Yoshitsugu Fuminari
Floor area: 162.3㎡ / 2F 73.8㎡ & 3F 88.5㎡

Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Inc.
Hiroyuki Ogawa
1977 Born in Chiba, Japan
2002 Bachelor in Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts
2004 Master in Architecture, Graduated School of Architecture ,Tokyo University of the Arts
2004 Established Ogawa and associates
2008-2011 Teaching assistant, Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts