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Yamanaka lake village Hirano intersection bus waiting place / Tourist information office

This plan was the intersection development which was a part of “town planning” promoted by Yamanaka lake village.

By drawing a triangular grid from the relation among the axis of Mt. Fuji and Zelkovak square, the lead of the north-south square and the front road, we set the wooden triangle grid which interpreted the traditional wooden shaft set in a contemporary way. We created the place suitable for various purpose by adding ceilings, walls, benches and counters according to the grid system.

Also, as developing this triangular grid both indoors and outdoors, the gradual thermal environment where the activity area expands and shrinks according to the season was designed.

All buildings may change their way to be used greatly depending on social change such as technological innovation and the way public spaces should be. In such a transition period, this facility with a wooden grid which guarantee future expansion and renovation presents the possibility of a new public space; “a new public space that local people can recreate by themselves”.


“Yamanaka lake village Hirano intersection bus waiting place / Tourist information office”

Address:Minamitsuru district, Yamanaka lake village

Opening date:April, 2017

Floor area:126.27 ㎡

Photo:Kazumi Ebihara

Daisuke Sugawara
1977 Born in Tokyo JAPAN
2000 Graduated from Department of Architecture at Nihon University
2003 Completed the Master Course at Graduate School of Science &Engineering, WASEDA University
2003 Registered on First Class Architect. (license no. 312817) / JAPAN
2004 Worked at / JAPAN
2004–05 Worked at / France
2006–07 Worked at / France
2007 Established SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects