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ANTHEM Beauty salons


People have different emotions when opening doors.
They can be nervous or uneasy.

A beauty salon is not a shop selling things, so customers have various emotions such as expectation, anxiety, or nervousness.
Then, when you go to a beauty salon, you go through counseling in front of the mirror, go to the shampoo booth, and then, go to the styling station .
I proposed a space where customers get relaxed when a stylist opens a mirror door just like opening the door of the customer’s heart.

A beauty salon is one of the few industries that has no fixed image of interior design among various others.
For that reason, the color that has been most used for interior is “white”.

So, I thought if I could create a space where dress-up can be realized in the “white space”.

In fact, I created a space where you can change visual images by affixing mirrors to the three faces of the shampoo booth and projecting several kinds of materials with the projector on the other side.
As a result, customers can experience different spaces before and after shampoo.



Location / 2-3-2, Hashikabe, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki
Floor area / 260 ㎡
Designer / KAMITOPEN Masahiro Yoshida
Construction / TAB STUDIO
Photo / Keisuke Miyamoto

KAMITOPEN Architecture-Design Office Co., Ltd.
Masahiro Yoshida
2001 : Graduated from department of architecture, Kyoto Institute of Technology "Waro Kishi laboratory"
2008 : Established KAMITOPEN architects