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Young Living Japan showroom&shop

Only one bottle of essential oil can be made from one ton of lavender flowers by the client’s original manufacturing technology. I represented the preciousness of the product born from the tremendous effort and respect for the nature by 700,000 lavender and 1 essential oil. We imported the lavender from the company’s own farm in France and dried them to last for a long time, makeuping with pale white color. When the programmed LED lighting shed light on there, flowers seem like blowing in the wind. The interior of the store consists only of the frame to highlight the product. On the ultrafine frame, the goods are displayed to dance.



“Young Living Japan showroom & shop”
Address: 2-6-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Open: 2014
Floor area: 200 m²
photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Wataru Sato
1979 Born in Chigasaki Kanagawa
2003 Master degree of Tokyo Institute of Technology
2003 Joined KOKUYO
2018 Director of Creative Design Division / Chief Designer / First Class Architect

Office, co-working space, showroom, shop, F&B, etc. Planning, direction and design of various spaces / products. Major awards and prizes : German Design Award Award in 2017, BAMBOO AWARD SILVER Prize, Reddot Communication Award in 2016/2013, SDA Best Award in 2013, JCD Newcomer Award 2012, and many other awards in Japan and abroad.