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This is Hibino pottery’s first showroom that has the client such as Michelin restaurant. The company deals with western tableware for business using Japanese traditional Mino pottery.

The first concept for design was the feeling of floating to complement the colorful, deep, and beautifully designed tableware which has the taste of both Japanese and western style.

By using acryl for some part of table legs, the display with floating image was enabled while keeping stability than the heavy feel of the display stand. We also succeeded in showing the limited space widely by setting a part of the wall obliquely to add the depth into the space.


Hibino Pottery’s Showroom
Address: Tajimi-shi, Gifu
Open: July, 2018
Floor area: 52㎡
Photo: Shu Sanda


Que Design Co, Ltd.
Azusa Suzuki
Graduated from Tama Art University Department of Environmental Design(Interior Design ).
After working at a design office, established Que Design Co, Ltd. in 2006.
Working on shop design, interior design, and graphic design.