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YOGA Studio CALDO Ginza

Throughout the eras, Ginza’s vibrance has never waned. To match this vibrance, we aimed to design hot-yoga studio CALDO’s new Ginza location to have a “vibrance” and “excitement” but also to use materials inspired by its natural and organic industry where appropriate.

We focused on the aesthetics of the many cosmetic shops located in Ginza when designing the interior. We attempted to incorporate the excitement women feel towards cosmetics while also provoking a positive shift in mood like that felt when using makeup.

Our tactics included using the (chromatic) color representative of the emotion we wanted users to feel so that their mood changes sensually or unconsciously and, in contrast, controlling the volume of black and gray (non-chromatic) colors. As a result, the entire facility leaves a deep impression with its colorful, but not too pop design, which utilizes gradation to moderate the chromatic colors.

In our view, our design has successfully and naturally brought together the energy of this neighborhood and the main product of this facility – hot yoga. (Aiji Inoue / DOYLE COLLECTION)

Aiji Inoue
1977 Born in Yokohama, Japan
2001 Graduate from Meiji University, Department of Architecture
2011 DOYLE COLLECTION co.,ltd  Founder CEO

2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards London Asia Bar Winner